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From bedroom to bathroom, we have the inspiration for all

Think sleek lines, simple silhouettes, and a breezy, open ambience, reminiscent of the era of ’50s and ’60s – this type of interior design spells an interesting obsession with the future yet keeping in the ‘classic-ness’ on the ground. Stemming from a desire for features that reflect an optimistic outlook, this aesthetic that we now call 'Mid-Century Modern' is understated with clean lines and minimal fuss; it reflects the natural environment with its organic and geometric patterns, and is completely based on functionality if utility is what attracts you.

We are absolutely in love with the following ways that lend an elegant touch to your Maison des Rêves. Let’s discover.

Mid-Century Modern Aesthetics For Your Bedroom

Natural colours and subtle flair in classic silhouettes is what we adore about this style, like the sleek silhouette of a platform bed, go for tapered legs and an earthy monochrome finish and to complete the look, go for a nightstand in the exact same shade and style as your bed for a vintage-sleek appeal. To experiment a little, add a dresser to your room, go either for a tone darker than the rest of the décor for a calming ambience or a shade lighter for a pop of energy.

Photo credits: Living Spaces

A Mid-Century Modern Living Space

Low profiles and geometric shapes will spell mid-century modern for any living room, accompany it with a slim coffee table top having slender legs and an oval silhouette – a sofa with vintage and minimalistic details like button tufting, orange tones, and of course tapered legs is simplicity at its most charming.

Photo credits: Living Spaces

Dine In Mid-Century Modernity

With tapered lines ruling the roost, dining sets are no exception. Dining chairs with turned backs, simple natural look, and the table with tapered support will do both – define a space and confirm the timeless elegance of Mid-Century Modern theme.

Photo credits: Boston Beards

Modern Kitchen Rules

We are head over heels with the idea of modern kitchen tricked out with Mid-Century pieces! Our absolute favourites are the catchy gold-dipped pendant lamps and white countertops which are sure to call for some envious glances. The hint of green in the ceiling’s detailing makes it all the more pleasing.

Photo credits: Digs Digs

An Elegant Look For Your Bathroom

Mid-Century Modern style always reckons the element of nature, whether it is the aesthetic or the material that forms the furniture. Wooden flooring with the same wooden touch in the ceiling or on the wall is surely the classic style of a Mid-Century Modern bathroom that talks sophistication and luxury altogether.

Photo credits: Airpodstrap

Bringing this style into your homes is delightful: the clean lines, organic curves, mix-and-match materials, and the multifunctionality. It might get a bit overwhelming if do it all at once, the key is not replicating it exactly, but to start with the basics and then slowly build it up. Try and you’ll love the outcomes!

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