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Your hunt for a statement-making bath space ends here

While the bathroom revamp décor ideas and inspirations are humongous and needless to say, very difficult to decide and tap ‘one’ amongst the ‘many’, but something as distinct as a space that resonates a timber-made paradise or a luxe and sophisticated ivory masterpiece gleaming with lustrous metals always catches the eye and makes an ordinary bath all the more stimulating and relaxing. Moreover, a well-thought bathroom never fails to get you stocks of compliments for your unparallel choices. Who wouldn’t like to hear ‘Now that is some bathroom’? Try any amongst these ideas and of course, the first in the complement queue would be you yourself. Let’s begin.

Idea 1 | A fixed sunken bath in your space

Photo credits: Maison Valentina

The standing bathtubs are all okay but the beauty of a custom-made sunken bathtub is regal. Have you ever fancied the spa-like soaks with rose petals dipping around you and candles on the rims of the floor-sunken tubs? It is exactly that! To get the style, you need to section your bathing space including the shower and bathtub area sealed within glass walls. And if your bathroom allows a floor-to-ceiling window as the backdrop of your tub, then the ultra-luxurious vibe of a five-star property is going nowhere!

Idea 2 | All-ivory bath space with metal accents

Photo credits: S Thiru

Whitewash? We’re definitely in – not the literal one but by keeping every single accent, furniture, and fixture in soft but bright ivory hues. Think sheer-textured curtains, crisp-fresh linen, a pristine standing bathtub and the very important, gleaming metallic fittings and accents. Be it the faucet fittings, towel holder or the cabinet knobs – you can go gold, copper, silver or mixed with the metal. Not only this creates an absolutely stunning bath space but will also become an oasis of calm for those days when you like to read a book while sipping a glass of wine.

Idea 3 | By blurring the boundaries between bath space and the patio

Photo credits: Architectural Digest

Before we start, we’re talking about a private patio for your bathing space. Let the sunshine tap you while you have your me time in a true oasis-like space – bring in some lush greenery, stone pebbles and bamboo detailing to your patio space and merge it with your bathroom with a floor-to-ceiling window. Our tip is to go for warmer and rustic hues inside the bathroom to match the earthiness of the outside view.

Idea 4 | A timber paradise


Photo credits: Architectural Digest

If you have seen the ethereal beauty of Sabyasachi’s vanity space oozing the antique and warm vibe, then probably you know what a timber paradise will come out like. Revamp your space in and out, from floor to ceiling to walls and cover them in timber wood to satiate the vintage lover in you. To add more to its exquisiteness, go for rustic-gold bathing accessories, old-time locks, and in fact scout a little and bring in some antiques to your charismatic space.

Give it a thought and you will fall in love with the idea of lounging and bathing dates all over again. We promise!

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