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On hosting a pre-party at home for your girlfriends before you go out to party

Take your girls out for a party. But before you do, treat them to an experience they will want to recreate every time they feel the need for some rejuvenation. Connect with them over a session of pampering-primping and getting-dressed-together – because it’s the second most therapeutic thing in the world after heart-to-heart conversations with your female companions. Don’t worry, you are never too old to play dress up with your girls; in case you think you are, simply mix the game with some whiskey, makeup, naughty talks and you have a grown up version ready. Follow the following checklist to make your pre-party a hit.

Photo credits: Katarzyna Grabowska

The first rule | Leave husbands, kids and phones at home | We mean it literally, as well as metaphorically. The commandment of the all-girls pre-party is to leave every routine and responsibility out of the party zone. Everybody dedicates this one day off to just herself and her dearest friends. No distractions here, please.

Start early | Ask your friends to arrive at your place at least four hours before you plan to go to the actual party. Trust us, at the end of it you’ll all wish you’d started even earlier.

Photo credits: Kris Atomic

Get the masseurs and MUAs on-board | We’re sure you have some of these numbers on speed dial. Invite your favourite masseurs and MUAs to become part of your celebration and do their bit in spreading joy. You girls are going to love getting massages, manicures and make-up done together, while gossiping away to glory.

If you happen to have a sauna at home | Adopt the Finnish way of socializing – step into the sauna together. Post a hearty massage this is just what your skin needs to get all refreshed for the action ahead.

Photo credits: Kelsey Chance

Don’t put your drinks down | Stock up the bar with all your friends' favourite drinks and let them let their hair down.

Photo credits: Kevin Mccutcheo

Be playlist-ready | Music got to be an accompaniment to everything in life. Graduate from calm and relaxing music to numbers that make you want to dance on this very special occasion.

Welcome the photographer | A girl gets into her best dress, puts on a fabulous face of makeup and Instagram doesn’t get to see: would you let that happen? We bet not. Call home a photographer towards the last leg of your makeup pre-game – the moment is going to be completely deserving of getting pictures clicked professionally – you’d all be relaxed after the pampering, happy from each other’s’ company and not to mention, in your best attire. Besides, you left your phones at home, remember?

Photo credits: Kyle Loftus

Now go and flaunt your happiness to the world | You just spent a magical few hours in the boudoir with your best friends – you’re happy and you know it, and your face will surely show it!

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