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Choose your favourite way to wear fishnet inspired fashion this summer

Half the joy of fashion comes from its whimsical nature; and this time the fanciful wandering has taken a halt in fishermen (and women, if it makes a difference): their nets, ropes and lots of sea shells. From all over net-and-shell dresses to fishnet trimmings to rope tie-up shoes, the spring of 2019 will have you shopping for fishing-inspired fashion in multiple avatars.

Photo credits: Altuzarra from WWD

Plan a beach vacation around these dresses | If you’re still not booked for the beach this summer, do that now, because Altuzarra wants you to. These dresses scream coastal town vibes and are not only perfect as bathing suit cover-ups but also for going to the evening fire-show and dinner by the beach if you just replaced the bikini with a bralette and cycling shorts.

Photo credits: Sonia Rykiel from WWD

Photo credits: Sonia Rykiel from WWD

Go enviably chic while being casual | We love how Sonia Rykiel has designed and styled her net pieces. The sweaters, long sweater dress and vests are as fresh (and exciting) in detail as they are familiar (and comforting) in silhouette. Need we even say how versatile all of these pieces would be?


Photo credits: Dior from WWD

Tantalize with fishnet leggings under a sheer skirt | A little like the conservative skirt-over-your-pants trend of pre-fall 2019 yet so sensual, this is going to be one seriously fashionable layering trick.

Photo credits: Dior from WWD

Be big-city chic with a sophisticated take on fishing nets | Dior has the wand to take the rawest of elements and transform them into utmost daintiness. Layer these graceful dresses in neutral hues over another solid sheath dress, or with a long coat on top and voila, you have effortlessly incorporated the style into your everyday urban wardrobe. Yes, you can wear it to work this way.

Photo credits: JW Anderson from WWD

Wear pieces with fishnet trimmings | It doesn’t need to be all over your outfit to be the focal point of it. When you want to wear the trend while keeping the look subtle, trims accomplish the task for you.

Photo credits: Dior from WWD

Let tulle and fishnet shake hands | An ethereal pairing! One can never bore of tulle, but if you still feel like those tulle party dresses become a bit repetitive season after season, this summer, pick a tulle dress or two with lots of fishnet peeping through for a contemporary twist.

Time to pick a favourite: which avatar of fishnet-inspired fashion do you like best? Tell us, tell us!

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