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Beauty wrap to add bliss to your motherhood

The nine months before the arrival of your young one is a time to nurture yourself and the little you growing within. A period for some well-deserved pampering, this is the time to celebrate you!

But we all know that pregnancy is not just about planning a beautiful nursery, it brings with it a plethora of problems - dark circles, stretch marks, puffiness - you name it. We’ve put together a carefully curated skincare arsenal, from heavy duty concealer to stretch-mark-busting oil, along with a couple of treats to help you relax:

Photo credits: Kama Ayurveda

Bath needs
Kama’s Pregnancy Care Regime with its all natural ingredients is a step in the right direction, for everything absorbed by your skin feeds into your body, ultimately affecting your baby. Choose products carefully and be judicious with ingredients. Even if you don’t invest in Kama’s care regime, do include an oil massage as part of your routine, it will help reduce stretch marks, increase circulation and create a stress-free you.

Photo credits: Estee Lauder (L); Clinique (R)

Under eye care
Sleep can sometimes be an elusive reality for a mother-to-be - the result? Dark circles that can be seen from a mile away! Use a night cream like Clinique’s All About Eyes Rich to help reduce puffiness and work away fine lines or dark shadows. If all else fails, a good concealer can be your best friend. Estee Lauder’s Eye Care Double Wear All Day Extreme Waterproof Concealer is a wonderful product, which can work away those circles like magic!

Stretch marks
Bio-oil is a miraculous invention, sure to help your stretch marks. While its effects may vary from person to person, the general consensus is that you cannot go wrong with a little bio-oil in your life! It not only helps stretch marks but can also improve your skin tone, just in case hyperpigmentation is one of the unfortunate results of those pregnancy hormones.

Photo credits: Aesop (L); Bio Oil (R)

Herbal fragrance
No matter the season, in India, we sweat. Excessive perspiration can be an unglamourous guest during these nine months, with the sudden gain in weight and hormones going haywire. While most commercially available deodorants contain harsh ingredients, Aesop’s Herbal Deodorant is especially formulated for long-lasting protection with a delicate touch.

Spa at home
Face masks can not only give a boost to that natural pregnancy glow but is a jiffy piece of engineering that transports you to a spa from the comfort of your home! Adding a face mask to your weekly routine can help calm your skin, we especially love this Vitamin C enriched face mask by Innisfree, which heals from within.

Photo credits: Innisfree (L); Mama Mio (R)

Sensitive care        
Soothe and protect your breasts during this time, when they become tender or sore. Mio’s Pregnancy Boob Tube is enriched with natural Omega oils, ensuring your skin feels supple, soft and nourished. Safe for breastfeeding, use the cream for up to six months after giving birth.

Photo credits: EYM

Aromatherapy to relax
Especially formulated for the mother-to-be or even those with little ones running about the house, the EYM Baby Candle is the ideal product to bring aromatherapy home. Composed of the gentle aroma of sweet orange to uplift you at the end of a tiring day, with chamomile and lavender to calm overactive minds and soothe frayed nerves, this is a wonder product that packs a punch.

Make the most out of these precious months with our list, and celebrate the new addition to your family with glowing skin. Happy mommyhood!

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