Unusual, stunning locales for your important day

Big fat Indian wedding? We think not! No longer the sole prerogative of the family elders, modern weddings are all about the desires of the bride and groom. While many still vouch for the camaraderie and warmth of one’s hometown, there is no denying the allure of a destination wedding.

There’s also no denying that the venue for the exchange of vows has extra significance for its Instagram worth. Add to it the draw of spending a mini-vacay with close friends and family, and we’re surprised you’re not packing already. Scroll through for our list of extraordinary destinations:

Hvar, Croatia
Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s nuptials in a fabulous Italian country home is now slightly passé - you can be sure that many will jump on that bandwagon! Why not try a little known destination that feels truly special? Hvar, an island off Croatia, is home to a tiny old town, marrying quaint European cobblestones with incredible beaches. With plenty of bars and clubs to play host to the events, you’re all set for a charmed cocktail evening or a hen party with the girls.

Majorca, Spain
Head to calming Majorca, the most unspoilt of the Balearic Islands, for a romantic and cosy wedding. Soller, Majorca’s port town, has it all: gorgeous yachts and a tram that weaves through the picturesque landscape, cathedrals and chapels. Channel your inner senorita, embrace the lace, and let this town weave its magic on your guests for an atmospheric wedding in the hills or on the beach.

New Zealand
New Zealand first caught our eye as Lord of the Rings superfans. With jaw-dropping vistas across the breadth of the country, head to Queenstown for a verdant backdrop or Auckland for a rocky coastline setting that is full of character.

Shimla, India
Weddings set in palaces are a little done to death. The Wildflower Hall in Shimla offers a magnificent alternative with views of the Himalayas to make sure your wedding is the one to beat. The Hall’s colonial architecture and gothic setting recalls the times of a Jane Austen novel. With bespoke spa services, an open air whirlpool and canopied beds, this is for the laid back couple who loves to indulge.

St. Lucia, Caribbean
Sandy beaches, crystal-clear blue water and lots of sunshine make St. Lucia a blissful location. Make the whole trip a cruise and island hop with your posse before the big day, or laze on the beach with cocktails for a sun-kissed rosy tan that has you glowing on your wedding day!

Stay ahead of the flock and start now before the most coveted spots are locked down by other brides-to-be. Happy planning!

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