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Your home interiors can be as sunny as the season with these décor ideas

The warmer days are at peak and temperatures are mounting high with each passing day. The only thing that cut put some ‘chill’ to your hot-humid days is a nice and bright summary makeover to your abode – from choosing splashy prints to bold colours, a few easy decor updates can make your home feel like the tropical beach or calming lake cottage that you yearn for. Not to forget! Summer is the season of joy, and we have got your back with ideas and inspiration for a sun-kissed makeover, perfect for impressing your pals comes another get-together.

From curtains to duvets to rugs, your home interiors can match the vibrance of the outside. Let’s see how.

Time to change the curtains
The best way to start the makeover is by changing the existing mood of your space and glide in rather cool curtains to add some breeze in your living space. Those heavy drapes, rich colour, and intricate window treatments need to be replaced by the lighter and brighter ones. Select your curtain fabric in the colours that conjure up visions of the sea or a clear cloudless sky – from the bluest of blue to aqua to turquoise, blue will have a cooling effect on a hot day and can even create a sense of calm in your space. Check out the Macy’s soft-toned curtain collection and Laleh Bagh Linen Curtains from Good Earth and bring the brightness inside.

Photo credits: Laleh Bagh, Good Earth

Switch to a summer duvet cover
When we’re talking summer-inspired home décor, it definitely is a cue to swap your down duvet insert for something more lightweight, breathable, and seasonally appropriate – be it with crisp whites, bright colours, or of course the lovely floral prints. Choice of the right duvet will not only brighten up your room but will lighten your load to make your sleep more comfortable and sweet even when the outside temperatures reach a darn 50 degree. We loved the Laleh Bagh, Gulbahar, and Zeenat collection by Good Earth and the Botanical bed cover by Nicobar.

Photo credits: Laleh Bagh (L),Gulbahar (R); Good Earth

Praise-worthy rug collection
You cannot deny that a rug is always a prime part of the marvellous living room design. For the season, let some exotic rugs take over your room decoration plan – opt for the flatweaves and dhurrie rugs with vivid colours and bohemian patterns which will instantly brighten up your space. You can also choose to use beautiful natural fibres including cotton, wool, and jute which feel deliciously light and cool underfoot. Check out the latest collection by obeetee to add a pinch of exclusiveness in your living room.

Photo credits: Obeetee

Dress up your wall for a summery look
Let the wall speak your mood whether from the paint you choose or the art you put on display. Simple-yet-aesthetic, gypsum-based designer wall paintings will hardly take any effort, you can also hang the garden or floral inspired canvas in your living space or bedroom for the blossomy look. Plant prints, fringed wall hangings, tropical wallpapers, and beach photos are just a few that we're currently obsessing over. Good Earth has launched its summer festive collection and you can have a look at its amazing spread of wall coverings. We also love the traditional yet contemporary painting curation by Curo Carte, shop it here.

Photo credits: Good Earth (L), Curo Carte (R)

So, let your hunt for a summer decor feed on the inspiration here and hit into the summer's relaxed mood with these quick revamp collections.

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