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Presenting ingenious fabrics, sophisticated colour palette, and rich designs for your manor

Diwali is around the corner, and what better way than to spruce up your home with some exquisite festive fabrics? When looking for lavish and grand textiles, there is no better option than RR Décor’s latest collection ‘Corbelo’, especially curated to make your home festive ready. Famed for their luxurious hand-woven silk fabrics having designs rooted in Indian traditions yet exuding universal appeal, RR Decor as a brand, stands apart in the furnishings world. 

Photo credits: RR Décor

About Corbelo 

This festive special collection encompasses the richly textured, golden-silver tinted, and elaborately patterned textiles that will instantly transform your space into the festive-ready abode. It features sensual textures, intriguing weaves, and stunning patterns combined in one creative stroke that look so beautiful, just one look, and you will feel the opulence and grandeur of Diwali already. From the fluidity of an intricate texture to an imposing damask pattern, each design commands a second glance. Moreover, it is the neutral palette with textured golden shades and motifs that infuse an understated luxe and sophistication to this range. 

What’s more? It is the whole range of furnishing that lends diverse uses – curtains, upholstery, cushions, among others – so you can mishmash the options and set a theme for your likings.

Photo credits: RR Décor

About RR Décor

A pioneer in the weaving of handloom silks, RR Décor is a Delhi based premier textile design studio, with a focus on the originality of designs. Besides having a profound status in residential and contract interiors they are ingenious creators of innovative fabrics which are a fusion of ancient fabrics and modern-day eccentricities, craft and industry, ranging from contemporary art to extreme experimentation collections. 

Photo credits: RR Décor

To make sure that your guests have a memorable reminder of the grand gatherings, parties, and get-togethers that you'll have with them this festive season, it’s time rethink your décor with Corbelo collection. And once you have chosen the right furnishing elements, you will already be down with half the weight of your decorating tasks. So start the festive preparations today!

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