Cecconi’s Opens in Soho House, Mumbai


On the platter | Delightful Italian cuisine with views of the Arabian Sea

A coveted combination of delicate cuisine, evolved style and spectacular views calls out to Mumbai’s food connoisseurs at Cecconi’s in Soho House. The Italian chain started in London in 1978 and runs tremendously successful restaurants in some of the most fashionable cities of the world.  Go to this place for an authentic Italian meal complete with cicchetti, wood fired pizzas, seafood pasta and a remarkable selection of Tuscan and Sicilian wines.

Photo credits: Cecconi’s UK

A perfect ten | Inspired by Venetian culinary arts and shaped in London’s upscale Mayfair district, Cecconi’s scores a perfect ten in all areas in which one might want to rate a restaurant. It has a rich legacy of having served celebrities and members of royalty right from its early days in London, and continues to live up to the same. Thoughtfully chosen menus, the finest of gourmet cooking and an elegant décor make Cecconi’s a beloved space in all its cities. Here, in Mumbai, we have even more to add to the allure: the magnificent sea views.

Seafood from the waters of Mumbai, pasta from Italy | In line with its inherent inclination towards seafood dishes, the Juhu restaurant uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients including fish and crustaceans. Its flour, however, comes from Italy to give the handmade pasta a truly Italian taste and texture.

Plant Based | Cecconi’s menu has a fair section for the vegans and vegetarians among us; and the offerings are no less delectable than the seafood and lamb choices.

From all of Italy | From the Southern state of Puglio to Naples to the northern most, ‘more European’ parts of Italy, the dishes of Cecconi’s come from everywhere. If you are a Mediterranean fanatic, the ambience of the restaurant and flavours of the food will keep bringing you back. A visit to Soho House is as close as it gets to actually eating a leisurely dinner in a charming Italian neighborhood.

Photo credits: Cecconi’s Mumbai

Cecconi’s is now open to diners every evening of the week, and for lunch and brunches on weekends. It’s open to all; you don’t need a Soho House membership to visit – however, we strongly recommend booking well in advance to get a table of choice – one with the best Arabian Sea view of course!

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