Marc Jacob’s (In)Famous 1993 Grunge Collection


26 pieces from the original Collection back in stores

Raucous, laidback and street-o-philic – Marc Jacobs’ 1993 Grunge Collection was everything haute couture was NOT in those times; and it was also everything the real youth WAS in those same times. Grunge music, thrift shop finds, industrial workwear, all served as inspiration here. From the ensembles reflected darkness, a subtle vintage appeal and drama – and an even greater drama it led to on the night of its showcase.

Photo credits: Marc Jacobs – the 1992 Show

It ‘won’ the young Marc some spectacularly heated remarks, the likes of which the fashion fraternity reserves for its worst offenders. In his own words, “people turned the show into a punching bag”. From “grunge is ghastly” to “grunge is anathema to fashion”, the barrage of acidic pellets went on for a long while, and soon after, he was fired from Perry Ellis and the Grunge Collection discontinued.

However, like fire awakening from the ashes, the iconic collection with 26 original pieces is now back and making waves, quite as venerating this time as they were contemptuous the last. The timing sure plays its part in the success of the redux – with oodles of 90s nostalgia in all spaces thinkable, we’re ready with garlands and open arms to welcome yet another reminder of the decade into our lives.

Here are a few of our favorite looks from the Grunge Collection that you can create effortlessly with your own unique additions.

The shirt-jean-boot outfit you can put together in your sleep

Photo credits: Marc Jacobs

An outfit of work boots with a pair of skinny ripped jeans and a semi-fit flannel shirt with cuffs rolled up remains a go-to favourite for any 90s kid. You can always make it more Marc Jacob-y and more winter-appropriate by layering it with a suede overcoat.

Maxi dresses with lace up boots

From the whole wide collection, we’re obsessing the most over Grunge boots. They look as terrific with a flowing maxi dress as they do with skinny jeans and plaid shirts. Moreover, the toughness of the boots splendidly balances out the softness of the dress, creating a typically effortless chic look.

Color blocked raglan sleeve t-shirt dresses

Photo credits: Marc Jacobs

The silhouette and fabric go seamlessly from work to bar to an evening of Netflix. In line with our boot-obsession, we’ll say again, pair them with a pair of brown suede lace-up boots; or else high top Converse would be a very ‘grungy’ alternative as well.

Silk slip dresses – in line with the sleepleisure trend

Photo credits: Marc Jacobs

After athleisure and bathleisure, the latest addition to this circuit is sleepleisure, which is essentially getting your bedtime wardrobe out in public, teaming it with more regular pieces like trenches and cardigans. We love how Gigi Hadid does just that with a chemise and crocheted cardigan.

Let’s sit in the sartorial time machine and go 25 years back in time to the quirky melodies of Grunge – and uh-oh, don’t forget your knit beanie home!

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