Of ruffles, romance, trains and so much red

Gauri and Nainika’s love of old Hollywood glamour and European art and history reflects yet again in their latest summer collection titled The Art of Latte, showcased during the Lakmé Fashion Week SR '19. Each piece makes a distinctive statement with a grand embellishment, an ethereal silhouette or a union of both. The boots offer a quirky contrast, and in some sense also a balance, to the boundless femininity of the dresses. Let’s explore more details.

Photo credits: Lakmé Fashion Week

Dramatic ruffles | Exaggerated ruffle detailing on the bodice forms the crux of the collection – and we already see a trend as big as these ruffles emerging for the summer ahead. And aren’t the red boots adorable?

Photo credits: Lakmé Fashion Week

Trains | We’re seeing them after a long time (with the exception of the royal wedding) – and we’re eager to create an occasion that lets us pompously wear those long trains behind us.

Photo credits: Lakmé Fashion Week

Flamenco inspiration | The duo sure must be a fan of flamenco – and with their widely known penchant for European culture it comes as no surprise. The dress on the left, in particular, is to swoon over.

Photo credits: Lakmé Fashion Week

Vintage silhouettes in blushing nudes and pristine whites | Those stately sleeves combined with the playfulness of sheer are a sight to behold. On the downside, they’ll make you yearn for a new romance.

Photo credits: Lakmé Fashion Week

Red | Reds unified with ruffles and swirling hemlines are a sign of good times to come. If you are a summer baby, the red gown ought to be your outfit for the coming birthday.

Photo credits: Lakmé Fashion Week

30s pomp | The sheen, flow, necklines – and the sleeves – you’ll want to cut your hair in a bob this summer to wear one of these dresses and look like a 30s vixen.

Photo credits: Lakmé Fashion Week

Yami Gautam and her big flowers | The showstopper outfit of Gauri and Nainika’s summer collection is swathed in tulle and fabulous flower embellishments. One-shoulder-off is already an established trend for the summer ahead.

May we all be the belles of the ball – and may there be several balls through the summer – one for each of the dresses above!

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