How do you feel about fall’s favourite dress and colour?

Fall’s favourite silhouette for dresses goes deep into the past of pioneers crossing the American West. Much like plaid, designers cannot get enough of this era! While the dress comes to us via history, we’re also seeing an equal fascination for vibrant yellow, a recent rage amongst millennials. Read on for our runway edit:

Pack your axe, Brooklyn lumberjack, the ‘urban pioneer girl’ is here to stay! The aesthetic of the urban female pioneer, coined by The New York Times’ Chloe Malle, is distinguished by an abundance of ruffles and frills, crafted with stiff fabrics in modest cuts. Coach channeled the look in its entirety in this ensemble, complete with layers, long sleeves and a floor sweeping length.

Calvin Klein and Zimmerman offer more current interpretations of the Prairie dress with vintage, floral prints and a play on the detailing of 'ruffles and frills’.

Fatigue of pastels and pinks has seen many of us glaze over when the colour continues to dominate our fashion and social media news feeds. US Vogue credits this reaction to the rise in popularity of yellow, dubbing it ‘Gen Z Yellow’. Located somewhere between marigold and mustard, the colour has taken over Instagram - edging out that clichéd post with a steaming cup of joe on a vintage pink background, at last!

While Pyer Moss featured the colour in their ready-to-wear SS19 collection, Oscar de la Renta gave sunshine yellow a red carpet makeover with this dress. Not for the faint-hearted, it’s the perfect choice to make a bold, dramatic statement.

Want to sport a more casual ensemble or a subtler nod to the trend? Look no further than Brandon Maxwell or Carolina Herrera for some divine inspiration.

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